Projects done from 2010 till now:

  • Recumbent bicycle frames for  (about 50 kit frames)
  • Carbon repair for: DF bike frames, carbon rims, carbon spokes, carbon mast, lightweight air plane.
  • Bladder moulding process with low temp prepreg.
  • Experimental bicycle prototype, handbike, carbon trailer for desable kids.


Projects done in 2009:

  • NACIRA 950 for BE Composite in Belgium. (hull build, deck plug finished)- survey to check build quality.
  • Addict 37′ -ECAN design- High profile sailing yacht. (construction just starting in October 2009 in Dubaï)
  • Solar Magister: Engineering of a full composite transverse beam for a transatlantic solar yacht.
  • Groupemaisoneuve: Open 60′ -deck reconstruction following Vendée Globe damade. survey and repair specification.
  • Multimarine catamaran Forward beam.
  • ECAN Class 40- complete structural engineering.
  • Ultralight plane engineering- proposal to replace metal frame with composite structure.
  • R&D on inflatable bladder for bicycle hollow frame.

Projects done in 2008:

Cheminée Poujoulat Open 60 (Bernard Stamm): engineering of central navigation pod, additional deck gear, day to day modification to prepare the boat for the coming Vendée Globe.
NACIRA 650 minitransat: New production race boat, female moulded, polyester construction (visit the Nacira Blog )
Sunrise Yachts: Composite bimini and radar mast for 45m motor yacht. E-glass and epoxy construction.
Recumbent carbon frames: design and construction of 3 bikes for Zockra Factory


Past experience:

  • Vitters/Bill Tripp 143′: Full carbon deck engineering, prebuilt and bonded
  • on aluminium hull.
  • Briand 38m Mumu: Sailing sloop built with a timber sandwich core.
  • Briand 82′: Sailing sloop built in New Zealand.
  • CNB 100′: Composite sailing sloop.
  • Isotop: Rudder engineering for almost every rudder in 2007.
  • Nedship Group (TSMM): rudder engineering for Wally Nano.
  • Rolls-Royce: Composite stability fin.
  • IT-Power: Tidal wing power generator.
  • Nigel Irens 60′ trimaran: full assembly and details for 3 ORMA trimarans:
  • FujiFilm, Bayer, Tacchini.
  • SCAT 35: Complete sailing trifoiler for Sam Bradfield.
  • ACM: engineering for ARCOA 38′, Mystic 52′.
  • Numarine 52′ cigarette, 52′ open, 45m Super Yacht: complete structure.
  • Innomare 35m: complete structure for classic design power boat.
  • Seawinner 42′: 42′ IMS racing yacht design by giovani Ceccarelli, won the
  • Italian Championship.
  • Multimarine composite: Dazzler 12m cat, Legless 19m luxury sailing cat, 10m
  • power cat, Maryslim VSV power boat (yard assistance to complete project).
  • Cheminée Poujoulat: Bernard Stamm Open 60′: modification of details and
  • engineering of new spinning navigation unit.
  • Nacira 650: production of a mini transat.
  • ECAN Open 40: Racing monohull, all infused.