From April 2016 till now: Working again on bicycles: R&D and production of 10 e-citybikes. Badder moulding Low Temp prepreg carbon tubes in female aluminium moulds. Assembly on jig.


December 2014 till March 2016: Worked as senior engineer for Team Sodebo. In charge of R&D and design new parts (new float after big crash…, airflow control to create fairings, new parts survey: daggerboard, lifting rudders etc.. )


May 2013: Constellation Composite has been selected for the Innovation Trophy ( ) for its new front wheel drive recumbent. This is the 5th prototype to developp a new brid of recumbent: better up-hill speed, lighter, stiffer and more fun to ride. A lot of work has been done to achieve the best riding position with a good handling. The last prototype is fully dismountable, has internal cables, ventilated seat, ergonomic cockpit, semi faired front wheel, Di2 ready and many more features that will be used on the production bike.



Spring 2013:

Constellation Composite is now focusing on engineering and producing carbon bicycle in Vannes. We have a new website to follow our creations:



The Superyacht arch designed in 2008 is finally fitted on the boat. A couple of modifications have been done during the construction to improve the design.



March 2012 News

2011 has been a quiet year on the engineering side because we decided to developp the bike building side and our molding technics.
We can now offer engineering and high tech part construction such as spreader, rudder stock, foils, bike frame, rim, steering wheels etc…
A new CNC machine will soon join the shop floor to improve 3D milling capacity.
We currently use low temperature carbon prepreg and bladder molding to get good quality products with minimum voids and resin weight.