Constellation Composite services:

  • Composite engineering for boats (hull, deck, cabin, keel, rudder, framing, boom, mast. (First principle calculations, Finite Element Analysis FEA… ), bicycle frames, industrial parts, home furniture etc…
  • Construction Concepts (canting keel, lifting rudders, foldable structures… )
  • Material selection. (Carbon/Glass/UD/ Double bias/Triaxial)
  • CAD drawings for construction and approval. (2D and 3D)
  • Yard assistance to solve composite construction problems. (Survey, owner rep)
  • Structural report to support structural drawings and show the Factor of safety for each element.
  • Weight estimate, VCG, LCG.
  • Construction survey.
  • Repair proposal.

Work partners:

On large projects or difficult problems, we have a couple of technical partners to offer the best possible service.

Carbon supplier: http://www.advanced-composites.co.uk/

Infusion specialists: http://www.shoreteam.org/